Did you wake up to bird song, have begun an activity you haven't tried in years, nature beckons and you can't wait to explore miles on foot, the moment you arrive your status reads 'enchanted' ? Chances are You are celebrating a RARE experience !

The RARE List is a collection of Heritage forts and palaces, luxury camps, boutique homestays, jungle lodges, plantation bungalows, private villas by the sea, yoga, wellness and spa retreats. Each hotel on the RARE list is unique and intimate and powered by charismatic hosts and their abiding passions. If it is RARE in India, Nepal or Bhutan ; be sure that experience is the highlight, nature a prevailing theme, cuisine a signature treat, fine detailing almost an obsession, concept and design matchless attributes ! What’s more to book, send your ‘RARE’ choice of experience to your agent or send a query to RARE.

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