Synergy Partners

A core aspect of the vision and ethos at RARE is promoting Conscious Luxury while remaining People and Planet friendly. This involves collective growth: the growth of universal values that are applicable in personal evolution and shared businesses. The RARE Touchstones is a self-evaluating tool that we encourage our partner hotels to use to promote conservation and responsible tourism. Thus, the idea of Synergy Partners is to bring together people and businesses who are adhering to any of the RARE Touchstones. This will encourage travellers and consumers to support genuine and mindful services that are working toward maintaining the right balance between Profit, People and the Planet.To become a synergy partner connect with us at

Wellness Products

Ma Earth Botanicals is a twenty-year-old journey of curative self-experimentation brought to you from the Sukh Family. We are a creed of healers, doctors, architects, designers, artists and activists with global footprints. Our recipes showcase a rich tapestry of wellness culture from India, Iran, London and West Africa, rooted with a deep respect for planet Earth and its elemental relationship with well being.

We combine timeless natural remedies with signature Aromatherapy blends to balance your body’s earth, wind, fire, water and ether. Our compositions are deemed ‘medicinal’ and free from sulphates, parabens, chemical additives, synthetic fragrances and artificial colors We consciously use the finest quality of herbs, botanicals, plant actives and pure essential oils in every product, which is then hand crafted, hand blended and packed. This is a family’s commitment to healing you with the best that nature can offer and impart positive lifestyle choices like mothers do.

RAS Luxury Oils is India’s first ‘Farm to Face’ 100% Natural, Organic and Vegan Skincare and Wellness brand. It is a vertically integrated brand with its own Farms (6th Gen Farmers), Processing, Manufacturing and R&D unit (20+ years). Our products are made from 100% naturally-grown botanicals, sourced from our 250-acre family-owned farms or from local farmers with guaranteed Buy back for the harvest. We passionately support Animal Welfare organisations and activities.

RAS embodies the promise of purity, happiness & goodness. Crafted with utmost love using ingredients sourced directly from our own organically grown farms, every drop assures you unparalleled indulgence.

'RAS’ is a Sanskrit word for essence and happiness. Our bottles pack exactly that. 100% natural botanical essence. We are the first "Farm to Face" skin care & wellness brand in India, all our products are 100% NATURAL & ORGANIC and are handcrafted meticulously at our farmlands, right from harvesting the crops in the right season when they are at their potent best, to formulating them using optimum techniques in our DSIR approved research labs. Every process happens on our family-owned estate, which ensures top quality and efficacy. We hand-pick every ingredient, and only the purest and the best make it into the bottle you hold.

Free of Toxins, Sulphates, Parabens, Silicones, Phthalates, Fillers, Preservatives, Artificial Colours, Synthetic Chemicals, Additives, and Alcohol. We also give back 10% of our profits to local NGOs for the upliftment of the girl child as well as for animal welfare.

Organic Foods

Trikuta Oils Jammu bring to you cold pressed, extra virgin oils that are fresh, pure, organic, natural and fully edible. Extracted from handpicked kernels and ethically sourced from the hills and valleys of Jammu and Kashmir, We specialize in Sweet Almond Oil, Wild Apricot Oil, Valley Apricot Oil, Kashmir Walnut Oil and Kargil Sweet Apricot Oil. The Almonds come from Kashmir Valley, the Apricots from Chenab valley and Kargil and the Walnuts from Kupwara in Kashmir!

The oils are filled with Vitamin E, omega III, linoleic acids and nourishing properties which benefit the face, skin, body and hair. The unique and pure taste of the oils add depth and flavour and work beautifully when drizzled over food or as a salad dressing. We also produce oil meal scrubs for skin exfoliation and edible almond and apricot meals that are used in vegan cooking and baking.

Wah Tea, established in 1857 by the British, Wah Teas are completely weedicide and pesticide free, and blended with estate grown organic herbs and flowers. In 1953, the 520 acre estate was bought by the Chaiwala family from Dehradun in a public auction, and is currently looked after by the third and fourth generation family members, Deepak and Surya.

Our teas are manufactured after careful hand-plucking, and are all from the original Camellia Sinensis plant (China Jat). Our green teas are made in the traditional Chinese style, where the oxidation process is captured by roasting the leaves in a wok. The teas are meant to be enjoyed without milk and sugar. With a whole host of health benefits, it is easy to see why so many people around the world are eager to switch to this incredible beverage!

Glenburn Fine Tea offers you the freshest, seasonal tea direct from its source. With a 100 year tradition in growing tea, the Prakash family aims to connect passionate tea drinkers around the world with the tea community on their two estates - Glenburn in Darjeeling, and Khongea in Assam. Exemplifying the two best tea regions of India, all our tea comes from a series of Special Harvests conducted through the year on the best days of each season. We invite you to drink tea in harmony with the seasons, and also explore our speciality Green, White and Oolong artisanal teas. Our signature Two Leaves & a Bud and Camelia sinensis motifs proudly adorn a range of exquisite products and tea accessories to grace your home or your wardrobe, in addition to a variety of gifting options that create a perfect tea experience. Explore the world of Glenburn. Fine craftsmanship in every cup!

Bili hu is born out of a passion for coffees and their rare availability in the domestic market. At Bili hu coffees, they work with coffee plantations across Chikmagalur. In an endeavour to bring forth the finest cup to you, Bili hu coffees showcase single estate coffees and blends with unique agricultural practices and innovative post harvest processes.

The word Bili Hu comes from Kannada, a language spoken in the state of Karnataka where coffees were first grown in India. Bili hu is a white flower symbolic of the coffee plant flower, that blooms to signify the yield in the harvest season.

Conscious Clothing

Yaser Shaw, produces exclusive handmade fabrics, accessories & furnishings that reflect his own traditional heritage. Being the true upholders of generations’ old-traditions and techniques, the artisans employed in his family’s workshops are responsible for implementing Shaw’s vision into each heirloom textile.

Shaw’s goal is to preserve the integrity of the tradition and support the dignity and local wisdom of the craft community while adjusting society’s evolving notions of beauty to current standards. Through a careful selection of materials Yaser has managed to nurture both traditional and contemporary style yet remain in touch with all ages and occasions.

Orissa by Tania (OBT) is a passion project born out of love for handloom. Odisha is rich in textile art with techniques dating back centuries. Unfortunately, it is a dying art as artisans and weavers are opting for more lucrative options, hindering this age-old skill from being passed to the next generation. In essence, this is a dying art that needs our support.

We ethically source our fabric directly from the artisan & craftspeople. Sustainable solutions is another cornerstone and we use leftover fabric to make masks, childrens' clothing and so forth. OBT’s ethos is to be more than a fashion and lifestyle brand. We are focused on revival. Our mission is to produce modern and comfortable silhouettes while increasing awareness.
The result is organic, stylish clothing that provides sustainability to the artisans and the art.

Cultural & Conscious Advocacy

Transformational Travel, The 220 page journal is a guide to discovering the full potential of a traveler’s journey by helping them harness the power of travel to create personal growth and make a positive impact in the world. The guide is presented as a journal, a travel companion in which to capture thoughts, ideas, and memories, and to create your story. Authored by Eric Rupp, Author and Founding Partner of the Transformational Travel Council, the soft cover journal is filled with interactive activities, inspiring quotes and provides a background and philosophical understanding for Transformational Travel.

Waste Warriors Society is a not-for-profit solid waste management (SWM) NGO. Their journey began with Jodie Underhill and Tashi Pareek in the littered hills of Upper Dharamshala with just an empty bag, a pair of gloves, few volunteers, and a vision to clean India. They registered in Dehradun in 2012, and their Corbett chapter was initiated by Minakshi Pandey in 2013. They now have a vibrant team of nearly 100 staff, 60% of whom are formal waste workers, running nine SWM initiatives in three locations.

Their mission is to develop integrated SWM systems through models that are affordable, sustainable and replicable. They essentially focus on waste segregation, collection, and processing, as well as behavioral change and livelihood development. They also work to destigmatize, formalize & empower the lives of informal waste workers. Their teams engage with people at all levels, from waste pickers to community residents and corporates to government administrators.

Avid Learning, the cultural philanthropy arm of the Essar Group founded in 2009 has, over the past decade, grown into one of Mumbai’s leading public programming platforms and is firmly entrenched in the country’s wider cultural ecosystem. Over the years, AVID has gained a reputation for curating thought provoking, innovative and path-breaking content that is intellectually and creatively stimulating and engages with a variety of topical subjects and trends. Our thoughtfully curated and diverse events embrace the spirit of collaboration to bring together the best of Indian and international writers, artists, intellectuals, cultural experts, policymakers and industry leaders across Visual Art, Literature, Culture and Heritage, Education, Design & Technology and the Performing Arts through engaging and dynamic formats like panel discussions, workshops & master classes, roundtables, lecture demonstrations, festival platforms, symposiums & conferences, multidisciplinary performances and walkthroughs.

We seek to democratize the arts, create new audiences, and deepen engagement by providing a platform that gives equal access and opportunity to new learners, fresh voices and nascent minds in order to nurture future stakeholders for the creative community in India. To date, AVID has conducted over 1150 programs and connected with more than 140,000 individuals, a widely eclectic group of life-long learners including students, patrons, practitioners, influencers, thought leaders and cultural & creative enthusiasts in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Bangalore, Goa and Gujarat. We have also made our mark internationally, with events and collaborations in Dubai and New York. We regularly collaborate and partner with institutions, organisations and initiatives like the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), one of the apex bodies that impact cultural policy and the creative sector as a whole. 

We have been at the helm of programming at the Royal Opera House, Mumbai India’s only surviving Opera House since its reopening in 2016. We believe in the importance of arts for social change and we regularly offer our support and platforms for Social Advocacy. Thanks to a dedicated and innovative team, as well as a growing and evolving community of learners, AVID continues to give truth to the belief that Learning Never Stops! To keep updated and attend our events, like us on, follow us on and Instagram:@avidlearning or log onto

The Royal Opera House, Mumbai is widely touted as Mumbai’s Cultural Crown Jewel and India’s only surviving Opera House. The original idea for the space was conceived of in 1908, inaugurated in 1911 by King George V, and eventually completed in 1916. The design incorporated a blend of European and Indian detailing. The space became a cinema in later years before falling into disrepair and shutting by the 1990s. Fittingly, the space has been owned by the Royal Family of Gondal since 1952 and was eventually restored by conservation architect, Abha Narain Lambah under the leadership of His Highness, Maharaja Shri Jyotendrasinhji of Gondal. The Royal Opera House Mumbai, now one of the last remaining Baroque structures in the city, reopened after 23 years in October 2016.

The building was included on the 2012 World Monuments Watch to raise awareness about its history and significance, and support preservation efforts. The building has since been recognized with an Award of Merit in the 2017 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation. The restored facilities feature a 575-seater 3-level auditorium with an orchestra pit and state of the art technological upgradations, including acoustics, stagecraft, lighting and air-conditioning, alongside retaining the old world charm of the proscenium stage, the royal boxes and the magnificent regal chandeliers. Some more enhancements to the venue include a motorized screen, co-axial ceiling speaker system, Four-zone volume control and all round wifi access. Today, it stands as a key performance and creative hub in the city’s cultural landscape, while being a premier heritage landmark.
Facebook: MumbaiOpera
Twitter: @MumbaiOpera
Instagram: @mumbaiopera

Last Wilderness Foundation (LWF) is a not-for-profit organisation working towards wildlife conservation, whose sole purpose of LWF is to bridge the gap between authorities protecting forest and wildlife and communities around these protected areas. Currently, we are focused on working in three tiger reserves, namely: Kanha, Panna and Bandhavgarh. With the community outreach and management of Human-Wildlife coexistence being the main crux of our work in these three tiger reserves, we partner with the Tiger Reserve management to work with the communities and assist them with an alternative source of livelihood, to reduce the pressure on the forest and forest products, as well as reduce any potential conflict situation in the region.

Conscious Living

Verth finds its roots in the phrase “We Are Earth”.Through Verth, we hope to make a sustainable lifestyle, accessible, and affordable. With products ranging across daily essentials to accessories, we aim to embed into the life of women and men alike, supporting their effort to build a better, more prosperous, and eco-conscious tomorrow.

The Verth box is India's first eco-friendly & zero plastic subscription box. It is a curation of 5-6 handpicked eco-conscious products that are delivered right to your doorstep. Apart from that we expertise in the curation of corporate gifting, customized theme-based sustainable boxes.