Conscious Luxury Travel
Meet a community of unusual hoteliers, owner-hosts of palaces, forts, retreats and lodges dedicated to preserving heritage and conserving nature. For world travellers, here are destinations and experiences in the subcontinent – alive, authentic, stylish and set in restful spaces, earth happy and conscious of their impact on the environment and committed to the land and their community. As you travel to every destination we believe is ‘RARE’, your mindful interactions with people, culture, nature, wildlife, crafts and traditions will nudge you to live consciously and build value for the planet and its people.
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Every Experience is RARE
From hotels that are experiences to experiences that help you discover places, RARE is a posse of some of the finest boutique hotels offering you intelligent and conscious hospitality. In the collection, discover cruises on mighty rivers, blaze a dusty trail into remote tribal villages, hike along the chilling shadows of the Everest, salute the sun with the mighty Machapuchare in full view, experience the thrill of walking in the jungles, camp in the wild and sleep under the stars, cook up a storm with your hosts, raise a toast to the setting sun, hug a tree, dance, sing or just be. Where you choose to travel in this world to is your sacred space and you will come away wishing to return for a deep dive once more.
People and Planet First
Look closer, delve deeper, explore differently. Each hotel of the community is a story impatient for your attention. You, the traveller will find every experience, style and interest you seek. Often our destination hotels are custodians of everything that works for the welfare of the place and its people. Collaborations, conservation ideals and responsible choices, coded as the RARE touchstones are a valuable benchmark for sustainable tourism and create value beyond the ubiquitous luxury and service quality.

Thank You !

Yaser Shaw: An excerpt taken from an interview with Yellow Chapter

RARE India is a new moment in the whole story. They bring so much positivity, it’s incredible energy with which they approach everything. The very fact that they agreed to help and follow Nadis is a great honour for me. Our visions really align as for them too it isn’t commoditized travel that is important – the experience is at the centre of it all – no two properties are similar. And that is remarkable in its uniqueness.

Neel Broker, USA

Our absolute favorite holidays in India have been through, and thanks to RARE. Each time we craved a beautiful getaway that wasn't over-commercialized, we turned to RARE. In 2012, she introduced us to Satpura ( M.P ) which to this day remains a family favorite - not just the lodge, but Satpura Park and the amazing naturalists like David and Rishi who we are in touch with to this day. Then she introduced us the quieter side of Goa, well before it became everyone else's favorite destination. And the list goes on and on. I couldn't recommend RARE more highly!

Divia Thani, Editor, Conde Nast

I'm always asked for recommendations from people, but when I have questions myself, I often turn to Shoba Mohan and RARE--I know that each property would only make the cut after her personal experiences there, and recommended through a lens of luxe but conscious and responsible tourism.

Capt. Rohit Bajaj and Neehara, Gurgaon

Our RARE experiences have been incredibly special. Each one spectacular and unique! Thank you RARE for creating a treasure chest of unforgettable and blissful memories.

Rahul Chawla, Mumbai

RARE has played a big part in my family and I having discovered the rich cultural, historic and diversity of food of India. We have visited over 60 destinations in India, with a large number of properties across curated through RARE and each has been more amazing than the one before. Truly RARE is rare in this respect.

Peggy Markel, USA

Conscious travel involves making conscious choices. RARE matches my sensibility to a tee. When I travel in India, I have a particular kind of place in mind. I want authenticity, simple elegance and warmth mixed with a sustainable mindset. I know the food will be good as well. RARE is my go-to that has that extra something that allows me to relax. I want to touch the ground where I am. On most occasions, the owners are there to make sure you feel at home, which I do from north to south. This is RARE.