When travel is what you are all about, and it is what defines your business…you live with an attitude. The show must go on! This is what last year was all about. We just put our heads down and worked away our blues, they were tough days…but never a dull moment.

With light at a seemingly touching distance, our learning has been immense. Central to everything however was a collective understanding amplified over social media and in our conversations with friends and colleagues from the trade and media. Even subtle musings spotlighted the need for wellness of the self and the health of the planet; and how both are intrinsic to harmony and health. And that is the idea of the fourth edition of The RARE Showcase themed as Green Planet. Pink Health.

Over ten eventful days we would like travellers, media partners and partners from the industry focus on solutions to achieve this balance between our beautiful planet and a healthy self. Travel through its very quality of engagement and transformations has the ability to touch and change the very issues we are up against, when we understand the undeniable link between climate crisis, the pandemic and our inner world.

In a simple online and small physical meetings format, The RARE Showcase 2021 aims to be a part of the solution that the industry is seeking through understanding and innovation, which puts planet and people right at the top of the scheme of things.

The schedule for the same is as follows and strictly adheres to regulations and restrictions. Hence the Phygital is ideal for the present time allowing us to quickly move to working short term given the changing scenarios due to the pandemic.
April 10, 11: One on One Traveller Sessions on Craft and Textiles with the RARE Community. Closed door, by invite only.
April 10 -18: Individual Trade Only Visit RARE Fams.
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April 16, 17: Program Narratives and Interesting Topics around Green Planet, Pink Health.
April 17, 18: One on One Traveller Sessions on Organic Farming and our Food Heritage in Delhi and Mumbai.

About Visit RARE FAM: In an endeavour to nudge our friends from the industry to discover and explore differently the community has opened their inventory to stay with them for 2 nights. Priced at Rs. 3000 and Rs. 5000 on plan and including local destination experiences, your stay will introduce you to the destination and inspire you to promote the RARE Community efficiently to your group of discerning travellers.
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