Kariappa House
Kariappa House, Pillayar Koil Street, Vaithikuppam, Puducherry, India
Kariappa House

In the tradition of old sprawling joint family homes, Kariappa House also has different apartments and buildings that flow into one another. It is a cluster of interconnected houses in a half acre land, interspersed with tropical gardens and courtyards and a covered swimming pool.

We spent 5 years restoring and re-creating all the houses in a mix of traditional and contemporary styles which resonated with us and used natural material like wood and stone and lime. The interiors have been furnished with antique furniture, rich Indian textiles, locally made pieces of ceramic and art.

Two of the structures are restored Tamil Houses, the main house is re-created in a typical Franco-tamil style and the more contemporary 1970s addition has been modified into a bungalow which is called MANTRA.

Luscious tropical gardens, water bodies, courtyards and a lap pool create fluid space around the houses, giving sufficient privacy to each.

The family does not live here full time and hence most of the houses/rooms are now unoccupied. Some areas are retained as private quarters.


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We love old Franco-tamil architecture and both our homes in Pondicherry are true representations of same.

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Could not recommend Kariappa House enough
by Poras_Dhakan on 09/25/2022

I spent 5 weeks at Kariappa House and I honestly could not recommend it enough. The whole team made me feel like I was home in the space. Dilip could not lovelier, he was always there with his...

Read this Review before you book
by 782meenakshis on 09/19/2022

Beautiful property ! But service disappoints !! People have been raving about Kariappa house with its very Instagramable pool and all , I decided to go ahead and book it . Didn’t really read up too...

Hidden gem of Pondicherry
by GS55555 on 07/15/2022

Tucked away in one of the many small streets of Pondicherry, Kariappa House is a beautiful island of quiet and calm. The place is beautifully designed and meticulously maintained, and one can spend...

Nearest Airport : Pondicherry Airport (6km, 20 mins). More common is Chennai Intl Airport (MAA) 150km approx 3 hours.
Nearest Railway Station : Puducherry Railway Station (3km, 15mins)

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