What is RATAN?

RATAN (RARE Travel Agent Network) is a dedicated network aimed at the Indian market to empower and inspire tour operators and consultants to know, promote and sell the RARE Community of hotels better, equipped with brand and product knowledge through regular training.

Our offering and support service will include:

  • Complete access to all RARE hotels with special rates
  • Special value add on and incentives on sales targets
  • Training your team member as a RATAN Expert
  • Preferred access to RARE events
  • Preferred access to FAM & knowledge sessions by RARE
  • A dedicated RARE account manager
  • Access to complete hotel information including images and videos banks and narratives

As part of RATAN, you are required to:

  • Dedicate a team member for training
  • Work to promote RARE Hotels among your network and client network both online and offline
  • Drive bookings toward the RARE community of hotels
  • Achieve preset sales targets