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One cannot have enough of Ladakh which is why we bring to you different concepts from this breathtakingly beautiful land. From luxury glamping to a village house and now the Palace of the Royal Family of Ladakh. A Palace complex that  is stately on the outside and mysterious inside, its shaded corridors and courtyards leading you into startlingly colorful spaces. Stok Palace has  six suites, indulgent and comfortable with modern bathrooms that will surprise you. So you have the  queen’s chambers elegant and colorful, while the other suites and rooms are classic and simple yet each of them distinct from the other. Not much choice here, but that’s the idea. Its high altitude heritage, needs to be preserved and one has to see it to believe it.

The current abode of Jigmed , the current scion of the Namgyal dynasty Stok is interesting as it is a royal home you will be staying in and will be witness to the everyday living of the royal family. Prayers in the private monastery within the palace, sessions with the local people coming to meet Jigmed, a festival lunch or a visiting royal guest – as a traveler staying at the Stok Palace you are welcome to be a part of everything.

You may just decide to have a meal for your group, sitting on the terrace and looking out to the immense lands around or walk through the museum, but Stok Palace is a must visit when in Ladakh. 

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