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Khajuraho Temples


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Some amazing carvings, but not a place for prudes!
by Uhuru6948 on 04/26/2018

The carvings are "interesting", many and varied. Not the place for prudes, but if you are open-minded, and are familiar with the "Kama Sutra", a visit here can be fascinating. To be perfectly honest...

the beautiful temples of khajuraho
by nayan267 on 04/25/2018

khajuraho is a quaint little town near Jhansi in MP. perhaps it is the most underrated holiday destination. The same thing in a european country would have jam packed tourists. The temples are OVER...

Kajuraho Temple complex ,
by miriam w on 04/23/2018

We spent a number of hours roaming around this temple complex all the temples are different and very interesting.