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Kalinjar Fort


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Kalinjar Fort
by on 02/24/2018

I have recently visited Kalinjar Fort with a local guide named Ajay Singh who works out of Khahurajo, his signs are by the boating lake opposite the main temple. An excellent one day excursion with...

Kalinjar Fort - Neelkanth temple
by Shruti M on 02/13/2018

#Kalinjarforte #Neelkanthtemple #Samudramanthan #Shivji In Sanskrit the meaning of Kalinjar is - The destroyer of time. 'Kal' is time and 'jar' is destruction. Legend says after samudra manthan...

"TAJ MAHAL" was built Because Of This Fort & one of the Rarest Shiva Temple in The Wor
by liveAKHAND on 02/13/2018

This fort is basically the combination of two type of Forts" the Forest Fort" and " the Mountain Fort". Every Ruler of that period wanted to see their flag on the top of it because it was very very...