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Pench Tiger Reserve


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Not perfect
by MartenPershyttan on 11/09/2017

We came to Pench after Tadoba and we where a little disappointed. Not so many animals to see and very quit. Beautiful nature and lot of wonderful sceneries, but very silent the days we where there...

Awsome jungle safari
by sbgholse on 10/21/2017

This is famous wildlife reserve in Vidarbha region and can be visited from Nagpur or Chindwara but near to Nagpur.This needs prior reservation to stay.A place is suitable to visit in Winter.Tigers...

A venture into Mowgli Land
by shobha l on 10/15/2017

A jeep safari in the morning is great fun. We visited the forest immediately after it opened post monsoon. Pleasant weather and lush green landscape was very welcoming. We didn't see any Tiger but...