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Pench Tiger Reserve


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Pench Rocks
by Shantanu972 on 08/07/2018

Taken 4 rides all through Turia Gate. 1 st safari itself gave Tiger, Wild dogs, leopard cubs. A beautiful forest but little low profile till now.

Night out at Pench tiger reserve
by Gajbhiye R on 07/30/2018

Nagpur is centre of India and has the rare distinction of have zero miles set there. Also very famous for oranges and extremely hated for its temperature. But the best part is its location which...

My favourite forest
by Bhattacharya1959 on 06/30/2018

This is one of my favourite national park where I have seen most of the tigers, whenever I visited. Touriya Gate is main entry gate where you will get maximum nos of jeep safari booking. Different...