Happy New Year 2017 | December - 2016


What better time than the turn of 2016 to update you on what’s new and news of the RARE partner hotels. Many of our partners have been with us through their early years and as they evolve and upgrade their experiences, we share their sense of pride and would like to share them with you. At RARE this year FAMs will be our biggest promotion to ensure that each one of our agent partners can really delve into every aspect of a RARE hotel, the second will be events and roadshows.

Look out for our annual calendar and do #participatewithpassion. Let’s take #indiatravel to greater heights. RARE will also be involved actively with a couple of nature and community based projects which will add value to your programs. Watch this space and our social media pages for more information. #indiatravelwithRARE


RARE at TUTC, Kohima

One of the most spectacular displays of ethnicity and culture, the annual Hornbill Festival ( Dec 1-10 ) is a great way to delve into the colors, cuisine, traditions, art and craft of a region that is still to become a part of India’s popular programs.

Undoubtedly, The Kohima Camp ( TUTC) in Kigwema village is one of the top options for an inclusive stay experience that pack into your days festivities at Kisama Heritage Village and local excursions. Set in an ascending forest cover, the camps are a visual treat for their detailed camp style, #artofglamping and operational excellence.


Pepper Trail in Wayanad

Conceptually beautiful and a passionate endeavour perfect for the RARE Collection, Pepper Trail is a six room plantation stay promising a well curated experience under Anand Jayan’s obsessive eye. There are birds to be checked out, trails to be walked, cuisines to be explored, spa experiences to indulge and tree homes to be lived in. 

The two tree houses perched 40 ft above the ground at Pepper Trail are truly breath-taking for their architecture and stunning simplicity.



The RAAS Stepwell suites overlooks the magnificent stepwell built in the eighteen century. Hidden for centuries, this stepwell was adopted and restored to perfection by the management. With pristine views of lanes of the walled city and the Mehrangarh Fort, the suite has spacious outdoor seating affording panoramic views. The new suite with one master bedroom, en-suite bathroom and a kid’s room takes the inventory at RAAS to 40 keys.


Experience SATPURA UNDER THE CANVAS at Reni Pani

Satpura Under the Canvas is aimed at exploring the unique and varied terrain, waterways, teak forests and abundant wildlife making Satpura an ideal walking country. A unique offering of Reni Pani, the campsites for this one-of-a-kind and exclusive experience are located a short drive away from the Lodge close to the boundary of the core area. There are two camp sites; one in an open wooded patch in the buffer area and the other on the dry river bed is perfect when the water levels of the Denwa river recede.



Upgrades by Niraamaya Cardamom Club where independent villas perched amidst acres of cardamom plantations, your window here serves as a gateway to vistas of  the plantation, exotic wildlife and birds of Thekkady. Cardamom Club gets an invaluable upgrade with a more exquisite wellness centre, an infinity pool, chic re-furnished cottages and some new rooms taking the keys to thirteen.


Shreyas Yoga Retreat's sprawling new Spa

Anaha, designed as a “retreat within a retreat” offers the perfect space for wellness, and relaxation. Anaha will offer Ayurvedic therapies, including Panchakarma. Combined with rejuvenation massage therapies, Shreyas is set to offer a holistic wellness experience.


Sarai At Toria looks to host Yoga classes by the riverside on the Ken, Svatma, Tanjavur introduces a creative new menu “Voyages of Chola” while Svasara in Tadoba now has an arrival lounge with handcrafted furniture made out of reclaimed teak wood. Kipling Camp, our own animal farm in the jungles of Kanha has just brought on board, their newest and youngest member, Orlando, a three week old Labrador who will be groomed to be chief security officer.  

On that cute note we wish you all a great year of 2017 and A Happy Season of Holidays !


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