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Action & Adventure with RARE
After the great pause, travel is slowly cranking up its wheels again. All this welcome clamour even if it is within our own state and nation was enough cause to knock fists and celebrate World Tourism Day. The thought being; travel first out of the house, then out of town, out of state and finally out of the country. Slowly travel’s renewal will walk a new way (we hope) when every traveller, consultant and stakeholder will think of travel that is people and planet conscious. On World Tourism Day we chatted with our partners for a series on Action and Adventure as potential and private destination explorations, pertinent in a world that continues to baulk at crowds and contact.
Vaibhav Kala: Founder & Director, Atali Ganga & Aquaterra Adventures, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India
With many, many years in adventure travel and having run several rivers in India and the world, Vaibhav Kala’s Atali Ganga is promoted as a premium boutique ‘activotel’ set close to the Ganges, with all adventure activities on the river curated by Aquaterra Adventures. The latter a tri-adventure company offering rafting, trekking and cycling (Bike/Hike/Paddle) operate fascinating rafting expeditions on some of the best rivers in the country like Zanskar in Leh, Siang in Arunachal Pradesh, Tons and Ganga in Uttarakhand. Listen in to a conversation about his experiences and the magic of running rivers in India, where culture and nature are integral to the adventure experience.
Antara Phookan : Director, Marketing Head of
Assam Bengal Navigation & curator of Antara Experiences, Guwahati, India
Back in 2003, Andrew Brock and Ashish Phookan set up the Assam Bengal Navigation Company to showcase not only the rural idyll along two of India’s mightiest rivers, the Brahmaputra and the Ganges but also their fascinating bio-diversity, cultural and historical narratives unique to Eastern India. These are once in a lifetime experiences, expertly curated while cruising onboard their river boats, Charaidew I & II, Sukapha and Rajmahal that operate 3–15 night itineraries allowing visitors to explore historical towns, temples, wildlife, rural life and people. Antara talks about all this and more explaining that treading the path of Conscious Luxury is intrinsic to their operations, focus on the regions’ distinct culture and nature, and how the rural riverine communities help create a participative guest experience.
Daman Pradhan: CEO, Yeti Holidays, Ker & Downey Lodges,
Yeti Mountain Homes, Nepal
Daman’s passion for the mountains comes through as he talks about the wonder and adventure of walking in Nepal, a country that has led the way in the sub-continent for action and adventure. There is something magical about trekking and hiking in the pristine landscapes of Nepal with some of the highest peaks of the world as your silent spectator. It makes you feel liberated and after the initial tribulations you are almost one with the landscape even if you have a basic tent to look forward to the end of the day. Ker and Downey Lodges changed this overnighting experience to stylish lodges that are operated by the Yeti group. Strung together as comfortable and some challenging treks beginning at Pokhara and Lukla, hikes in the Annapurna lowlands offer the comfort of the Ker and Downey lodges and Yeti Mountain Homes allow explorations amidst beautiful Gurung villages.

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