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Camping that spells luxury and style, often referred to as glamping has come of age in India and The Ultimate Travelling Camp (i.e TUTC) is credited with the responsibility of placing it there. The original mobile luxury hand-crafted camping, suavely monikered TUTC made a bold conceptual choice of investing in destinations that were already tourism highlights but kept the high-end traveller at bay due to lack of quality infrastructure, accommodation, services, experience and information. Before a campsite is pinned on the Indian Tourism Map, an experienced scouting team spends many months finding the perfect destination; Maha Kumbh 2013 was the signature choice followed closely by The Kalachakra with the Chamba Camp in Thiksey, Ladakh. Each destination is a highlight for a variety of reasons – iconic festivals, natural history, world heritage, stunning locations, rare cultural immersions etc. and TUTC creates a glam-camp to take you there. Six locations and counting, each travelling camp is sui generis in the Indian hospitality landscape.

To call it a tent would be an understatement, as each one is high-grade canvas, handcrafted to be a perfect abode - self-contained and designed with elaborate thought and detail. Each tent on camp is suited to its location, pitched to catch the best of its location, every en-suite feature a signature design conforming to the concept of the destination, all services are fashioned to make the best of your time there.

Celebrating Iconic Destinations the TUTC way

ARDH KUMBH 2019 with TUTC Sangam Nivas, Allahabad (10th Jan – 06th Mar 2019)

Sangam Nivas, Allahabad is the TUTC camp location for Ardh Kumbh 2019, arguably among the largest spiritual congregations on earth. Specially curated for discerning travellers to experience this extraordinary festival that is mythologically relevant and spiritual - the campsite will have 44 handcrafted tents pitched to give you a close view of its intensity of rituals, scale and magnitude. Wellness experiences, satvik dining, guided visits to Akharas and ritual prayers are experiences that will draw believers into the mystical energy of the Kumbh.

TUTC Kishkinda Camp, Hampi (1st Oct, 2018 - 15th April, 2019)

Set to be another TUTC classic, Kishkinda Camp, Hampi gives you the vantage to behold history dating back to the 14th century. An expanse of Dravidian-style palaces, temples and ruins, surrounded by immense boulders and banana plantations, Hampi was the former capital of a mighty empire described as the “city of victory” and one of the best planned cities of its time. The ruins, nestled within the remnants of the medieval city of Vijaynagar, are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Guests of Kishkinda Camp will be right in middle of the magic, close to the breathtaking vistas of the boulders and ruins. Curated experiences include walks to spot wildlife, watch stunning sunsets over the ruins, walk with experts, explore interesting projects around, listen to tales of the former kingdom around a crackling campfire.

TUTC Jaagir Lodge, Dudhwa (15th November, 2018 – 15th June, 2019)

Dudhwa National Park and Tiger Reserve has always been a mystery, perceived as a boon if you are looking for rich interactions in the wild in relative seclusion. Jaagir Lodge, the only permanent lodge under the TUTC banner allows you to experience the forests of Dudhwa, Katarniaghat, Kishanpur and Pilibhit. Constructed in 1940, TUTC's Jaagir Lodge is Dudhwa’s best luxury offering just under four and half hours drive from Lucknow. Nepal is just is an hour across the border marking some interesting itineraries while Pilibhit, Corbett and Binsar can connect easily to map great wildlife and nature explorations. The lodge is comprised of 02 Brick Villas, 04 Pavilion Villas, 04 Luxury Suites and 03 Luxury Rooms. TUTC's Jaagir Lodge’s signature experiences combine the ultimate in luxury with local excursions, exclusive dining experiences and private safaris to view the best of India’s magnificent wildlife, unique to the terai eco-system.

TUTC Chamba Camp, Thiksey, Ladakh (15th May – 10th Oct 2019)

In the land of the Lamas, where every turn throws up a stunning shade of nature resplendent over rivers, mountains, passes and monasteries, TUTC’s mobile luxury camp location at Thiksey is where the perfect glamping adventure is laid out. Set amidst carefully tended gardens, with ancient chortens that line up like sentinels on duty, a brook flowing close by with weeping willows on its banks, each tent with its private deck is turned to the best sight of the mighty Stok Kangri peak or the imposing Thiksey monastery. Between the restaurant tent and the lobby tent, dining tent and water bodies you have the ultimate camp experience within. While rafting on the Indus, Séance with the village oracle, polo, guided monastery visits, nature walks, cycling though helmets of happiness and downhill cycling are experiences outside the camp.

TUTC Chamba Camp, Diskit, Nubra Valley, Ladakh (15th May – 30th Sep 2019)

Drive over Khardung-la, the highest motorable pass in the world to a high-altitude desert where silver sand dunes shine against the tall rugged mountains that surround Nubra Valley. TUTC’s Chamba Camp, Diskit is as wild and raw as it gets, run on solar power with eight tents on a breath-taking camp location where the benign eyes of Maitreya Buddha bless their radiance over resident guests and the team. Diskit Monastery reflecting off the water is a faraway view from the camp and one can explore local markets, organic farms, encounter double-humped Bactrian camels at Hunder, cycle and explore Nubra like never before.

TUTC Kohima Camp, Nagaland (29th Nov – 12th Dec 2018)

One of the most spectacular displays of ethnicity and culture, the annual Hornbill Festival (Dec 1-10) is a great way to delve into the colours, cuisine, traditions, art and craft of a region that is still to become a part of India’s popular programmes. Undoubtedly, TUTC's Kohima Camp in Kigwema Village is one of the top options for an inclusive experience that pack into your days' festivities at Kisama Heritage Village and local excursions guided by experts. Set in an ascending forest cover, the camps are a visual treat for their detailed style, art-of-glamping, conversations over campfires and operational excellence.