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Banaras Ghats


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The glorious India!!
by abhipush on 04/13/2022

Visiting ghats on a boat ride is a must do in Varanasi especially during the early morning hours, before sunrise. Try doing it on a hand rowing boat instead on a motor boat. It is even more serene.

A scintillating experience
by BPB2012 on 04/07/2022

Varanasi is famous for its Ghats which are 80 in number starting from Rajghat and ending with Assi Ghat. View of the ghats while taking ride over the Ganges is scintillating. In recent years, the...

very nice neat and clean
by concepts on 02/27/2022

visited many ghats of banaras. very very nice maintained and cleanliness is upto the mark. completely plastic free zones