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Ganges River


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The Holy Ganges a lifetime must visit!
by nijoej on 07/10/2022

Our first sighting of the Ganges was when we were cautiously descending the stairs of one of the ghats being guided by Gaurav of the Varanasi Ganga Tours. Between taking care of your personal...

Magical river
by Axell33 on 06/30/2022

We visited the Ganges in three different cities but Varanasi was by far the best. We did a number of trips up and down the river taking in all the sights and culture. We enjoy attending Aarti...

Relax and calm
by AasthaSingh05 on 06/27/2022

As most of the rivers Ganga river will also give you a sense of calmness and will make you feel relax.