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Khajuraho Temples


TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
by Ibaad121 on 01/07/2022

Nice and super place. Ibaad homestay khajuraho Very cleen and best food. Overall best hospitality. This place is very peace,people can relax and refresh themselves.

For the love of architectural
by Swapnil765 on 12/29/2021

A great get away place to enjoy the architecture and Hindi Mythology. The infrastructure of the town is good, people are friendly and hotels are quite good quality. The temples are all about...

A facinating peek into the exquisite architecture & carvings of Khajuraho
by MayaKK61 on 12/02/2021

Khajuraho temple complex was on my bucket list for yrs & finally we made it. Our guide Dr Anand Tiwari brought meaning & life to all the delicate carvings with his explanations & anecdotes. He was...