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Ghughwa Fossil National Park


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Very educative place
by navintandon2016 on 02/22/2020

Imagine 65 million years of history of earth in a small nondescript place.! One gets an opportunity to see what one reads. The place is about 90 kms from Jabalpur. The journey on this pleasant...

Amazing Fossil Park in India
by Anshula156 on 02/15/2017

Amazing Park In India and The Dianasor Egg is a main attraction in Park and The most Amazing Museums. In my opinion plz one time u can go and enjoy the park and some quality time.

Awesome place to visit to know about history of earth
by skhan535 on 01/10/2017

We are visited this place more than 3 time with friends and relatives. Entertainment facilities not available but if your are really want to understand the truth of earth than u must go there