Haveli Dharampura
2293, Gali Guliyan, Dharampura,Chandni Chowk, Delhi-06
A timeless canvas of experiences
Haveli Dharampura

While in the capital, it cannot get better than this. To stay in Haveli Dharampura in the lanes of Delhi 6, eternally immortalised by the Bollywood flick by the same name is quintessential Delhi in all its flavours, colour and chaos. Embarking on a tour of India towards the cultural west or south from the Capital or to head to the sublime hills you cannot think of a better location to begin or end your journey. Winding your way through the lanes of old city to come upto the ‘Haveli’ at any part of the day or night is to see the city in a time-space wrap, vignettes that are unique to Delhi. At the Haveli, cuisine, culture, rituals and daily life come together to paint an evocative timeless canvas of experiences, all this at a short driving distance from the capital’s iconic Connaught Circus and the majestic Red Fort.

Perfectly Rare

Haveli Dharampura is unique for being the only bona fide luxury heritage hotel in the former Mughal capital, Old Delhi. It took six years of hard work to painstakingly restore the 200-year- old haveli and bring it to its former glory. Acknowledged by UNESCO and awarded with the...

Know Your Host

Through the painstaking restoration of an old and dilapidated building called Haveli Dharampura, the Goel family have taken the first step to showcase to the world the architectural glory that Dharampura was once known for. Being ardent ‘Dilliwallahs’ (citizens of Delhi),...

Built around 200 years ago, Haveli Dharampura derives its name from its locality. ‘Dharampura’ was named after the word ‘Dharam’ – religion, owing to the  presence of a large number of Jain temples and the building’s proximity to the historic Jama Masjid. The Haveli documents showcased that it belonged to a Muslim family till 1869 and then was owned by a business family. In 1982 it was passed on to an adopted son of the residing Jain family. The Haveli, once resplendent and grand was reduced to a rundown building with unrecognizable spaces and falling structures. In 2010, the Haveli was adopted for restoration and conservation. It took nearly six years and over fifty workmen under personal supervision to achieve what Haveli Dharampura looks like today. The restoration history claims that it took 3 years to stabilize the structure of the Haveli. Initially the idea was to make it into a museum to showcase the heritage preservation and conservation. However, it was only after the 4th year when the beautification work began that the idea of repurposing the building into a boutique hotel was conceptualized. The Haveli has 14 rooms for guests to stay in named after the Gates or the Markets of Old Delhi. The Restaurant ‘Lakhori’ is dedicated to Lakhori Bricks that one can still see on its unplastered walls, one of the main construction materials in the Mughal period.

Haveli Dharampura offers five-star hospitality both for the discerning leisure as well as the business traveller. The 14 beautifully designed rooms give you the opportunity to relive the Mughal era through their architectural beauty while living amidst up-to-date comforts of modern times. The rooms and suites are decorated in a very personal Indian boutique vibe. Outside, pillared galleries enfold a central courtyard leading to the airy terrace where you can enjoy sundowner with views of Jama Masjid's domes and minarets. 


The three storied building houses two Shahjahan Suites, six Diwan-e-Khas rooms and six Jharoka rooms. Every room has been tastefully designed and has a unique ambience achieved through clever utilization of space. A Heritage traveller’s dream, every room tells the tale of two Indias – one that spells its history and the other that takes you through its restoration journey.


An old ethnic ambience and the desire to bring street food to the table lends an edge to Lakhori restaurant – named after the Lakhori bricks of the Mughal period. Located on the ground floor it promises to satiate your palate with Old Delhi delicacies and the rich Mughlai cuisine. Guests can also enjoy drinks at the rooftop, the regal arches take you back in time while you sip the champagne and watch the sun setting over the horizon feeling like a royal in the Mughal era.

The experiences within the Haveli allows you to see Delhi pin coded 6 as an insider. The early morning mix of sounds and rituals – from the muezzin call to prayer at dawn from the minarets of the Jama Masjid, the morning flurry of the wings of the homing pigeons, to the kites on a free fall in the late afternoon to late evening bustle of the city’s denizens and lanes pack up for a short night.

Heritage & Divine Spirituality Tour: Experience the Grandeur of Shahjahanabad (among the seven cities of Delhi) built on the banks of river Yamuna with our in-house walking guides. Visit the magnificent Jama Masjid (India's largest mosque), spend time at Digambar Jain Temple, takeaway Indian spices from Khari Baoli (Asia's largest spice market), walk along the unending lanes of Kinari Bazaar (shops selling delicate lace, blingy borders and sparkly sequins) and finally be blessed at the Gurudwara Sis Ganj, sacred to Sikhs from all over the world.

Old Delhi Street Food Walk: Treat your food cravings to the unique culinary flavours from the streets of Chandni Chowk, renowned the world over for its variety and authenticity. Visit the top 10 shops from the ever famous "Paranthewali gali" and binge on all-time favourites like Gulab Jamun and Jalebi but only after you wolf down a few "dahi balla" at Natraj’s.

Personal Yoga Session: The resident Yoga specialist will work with you on a private session of Yoga designed for your strength, stamina and acumen.

Perfect For

Haveli Dharampura is for anyone and everyone. The location works beautifully for the history buff, the foodie, the cultural explorer and even for those just visiting the city for a short period.

Operational Status
Haveli Dharampura is operational all year.

Haveli Dharampura has been awarded UNESCO Asia –Pacific award for Cultural & Heritage restoration for preserving a 200 year old Haveli. Along with the Haveli, the area around has also been restored and cleared by organising underground wiring, placing dustbins and street lights to light up the lanes and painting the area in colours that match the old Havelis. Promoting kite-flying, performing arts like instrumental music – Tabla and Sarangi, classical dance form of  kathak, etc. helps in keeping the culture of old Delhi alive and afford livelihoods. The food heritage of Old Delhi has also been the key inspiration while designing the restaurant menu at Lakhori. The 7 course tasting menu takes you on a culinary journey through Old Delhi starting from in-house recipes, to street food and rich Mughlai cuisine.

Haveli Dharampura ensures no single use plastic cutlery, straws, plates, bowls, glasses, etc. are used. The use of washable cutlery is encouraged, and if disposable items are needed, those made with biodegradable and compostable materials such as areca leaves or sugarcane waste (bagasse) are used. Safe filtered drinking water is served in glass bottles and glasses that can be washed, sterilized and reused.

Haveli Dharampura encourages to go paperless. Promotional material, brochures and information is shared through cloud based services. If any communication requires printing on paper, recycled paper is used and both sides of the paper would be printed on. Canvas banners are used instead of flex for display and these are reused multiple times at different event.

Haveli Dharampura has a systematic waste management system and encourages reducing consumption of resources such as water, energy, materials, and others. Internal and external audits are conducted to understand and reduce type and amount of waste. Waste is segregated and processed properly before handing to the garbage collector.

Local businesses are supported and since the opening of the hotel, the neighbourhood shops have been supported. Ethically sourced and use of local, seasonal, package free and organic produce is encouraged. Many of the staff reside come from the neighbourhood. Haveli Dharampura supports a fair working environment with equality, diversity and inclusion; and employees are trained, skilled and upskilled to echo the values and ethics of the family.

All travellers are made to understand the importance and process of heritage conservation. Each staff member is also a story teller who understands the significance of the history of Old Delhi and Haveli Dharampura and is able to narrate the same to travellers in the form of traditions such as kite flying, kathak performance, classical music and sharing of age old recipes of Old Delhi, as well as curated heritage walks through Old Delhi’s bylanes, exploring hidden temples and stories about Shahjanabad.

No Single Use Plastic Low Impact Tourism Local Community Engagement Heritage Preservation The Human Touch Safe Garbage Disposal Sensitive Destination Discovery
Ensure you spend at least two nights in Delhi 6. If you are travelling with children or are celebrating a life event, ask for the all-inclusive Shahjahan Suite Experience.

Reviews and Location
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Excellent guest services
by GulvinderMandyal on 08/02/2022

The staff here is very helpful and friendly. Great location and very tasty food. Very clean as well. Beautiful location along with friendly staff and tasty food ! Highly recommend this location for...

Must stay if you want an authentic and delightful experience on Delhi
by borisj114 on 07/10/2022

It was a splendid stay and one we will remember! The hotel itself is something unique, you can walk around and discover new details every day, it’s like in a museum. Roof top terrace gives a view on...

An Oasis in Old Delhi
by benediktw856 on 05/19/2022

It were our first days in India and Old Delhi was just the place to give us quite the culture shock. But Haveli Dharampura was the perfect place to discover the area and all its hidden gems in small...

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