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A High Mountain Orchard Stay
Chulli Bagh Villas

High snow-tipped mountains cocoon this Buddhist ex-kingdom. Alluring Ladakh, the land of passes – the more time one spends in this magical place, the more, nearly unceasingly, one finds to explore. Stunning gompas (Tibetan Buddhist monasteries) dramatically crown rocky outcrops flanked by fluttering prayer flags and whitewashed stupas have designated prayer wheels that are spun clockwise to bring instant peace. This serene setting is bolstered with extreme adventures for cyclists, bikers and trekkers. The highest motorable pass in the world, aqua blue lakes in the middle of the mountains, colourful festivals and unforgettable landscapes have turned the once secluded Ladakh, to being on top of the list for travellers.

A genuine challenge is to contain 'The Ladakh Experience' in a short yet all-encompassing encounter. At Chulli Bagh Villas, be prepared to be deeply stoked, gladly convinced and proclaim that this was the richest summary of the magic of Ladakh. Be a part of the living culture with access to the private quarters of the royal family in residence at the Stok Palace and interact with the current king, who is a mine of knowledge on Ladakh history, culture, heritage and the art of photography.

Perfectly Rare

With activities that include walks and treks, rafting, excursions to Stok Kangri and Leh and more, Chulli Bagh Villas is also ideal to view the colourful festivals of Ladakh sensitively.

Know Your Host

A stay in Stok Palace Heritage Hotel and Chulli Bagh Villas is not your run-of-the-mill hotel experience. Rather, it is elegantly stylish and incomparably unique, representing the family’s friendly yet traditional hospitality. Intimate service by the family’s staff from the nearby Stok...

In the orchards around the Stok Palace, set amidst old apricot, walnut and willow tree gardens is the beautiful Chulli Bagh Villas. Stay here to enjoy apricot blossoms in the month of April, mesmerising autumn colours in October, a quaint dinner setting with wood-fire under a star studded sky, or ethereal moon light lying on the hammocks – if nature is at its best in Ladakh, here it is resplendent.

With just three villas, exclusive and private, each cottage has been painstakingly built by hand, using wood and mud as primary materials, with no industrial finishes. The design is organic and earthy, so as to blend with the nature around and encourage travellers to live like a commune. Each villa comprises of two cosy private bedrooms that open into a common open plan sitting area and include a well-appointed and warm kitchenette. Each room is individually heated and well insulated with natural materials and look out into garden where one could read, enjoy tea, catch a nap or mediate in silence. Attention to detail can be seen in every element of the decor and design. The bath and powder room feature modern amenities in a traditional setting such that even a rushed visitor will pause and admire the décor.


Meals are made for you on the spot or can be served in the garden. Stok Palace is also a choice for meals. In tune with the rest of the property, local cuisine is a large part of the experience with Ladakhi, Tibetan and Indian cuisines served. Breakfast is served on the ramparts (weather dependent), overlooking the valley below.

A number of well-curated experiences at and around the palace is an additional highlight of staying here. The Stok Palace Museum, to which you get special access, houses a large collection of precious artefacts and relics belonging to the Ladakh's old monarchy. The royal family’s collection of thangkas (some over 400 years old) ancient coins, royal seals, regal costumes, precious jewellery, photographs, swords, shields, bows, arrows, quivers and guns are part of the showcase. The highlight of the collection is the Queen’s ancient yub-jhur – a head piece encrusted with 401 lumps of uncut turquoise, coral, gold nuggets. The upper-most floor of the palace houses a Buddhist temple, Lhakchung, where the resident monk performs daily prayers and rituals. Staying at the palace gives you easy access to visit the morning and evening prayers.

Explore rural Ladakh by visiting villages scattered all over the high landscapes. Isolated from the rest of the world, some of them are tucked away into the folds of the Himalayan terrain. Snow leopard expeditions to the Hemis National Park and expeditions to the Changthang wildlife sanctuary can be arranged. Here, you can get a chance to spot Tibetan Wolves, the endangered Eurasian Brown Bears, Red Foxes, Argali (Tibetan Sheep), Bharal (Blue Sheep), Golden Eagles, Lammergeier Vultures, Himalayan Griffon Vultures, and Himalayan Snowcocks. There are a number of local festivals in the warmer months in Ladakh, which offer vignettes of local life at close quarters. Apart from that the adventure seekers can go on cycling trips, treks and for day-trips to see the high lakes of Ladakh.

Perfect For

Getting an intimate experience of Ladakhi culture. The property does not have offer Wi-Fi, TVs, air-conditioning or intercoms in the rooms to ensure that you get complete mind space to enjoy the immersion.

Operational Status

Chulli Bagh Villas are closed from December to February. The Palace is closed from mid-October to mid-May.

Stok Palace Heritage Hotel was converted into a hotel to preserve a historical slice of Ladakhi history and show the local community the need to keep the tangible and intangible culture alive. Palace art conservation is done every year and some exquisite examples of old thangkas are displayed in the museum.

Chulli Bagh discourages the use of plastic and hence are reluctant to provide plastic packaged drinking water to the guests, and is available in glass bottles. Bio degradable packaging is used for packed lunches, dispensers are used in the bathrooms and the hotel is making a shift to provide bamboo amenities. Solar passive and self-insulating design and materials such as wood, mud and stone have been used and additionally solar energy is used as a power back up and for geysers.

Ingredients for the kitchen are sourced from around the palace where permaculture gardening is practiced and the staff are hired from the local community. Additionally Stok Palace is involved in the facilitating and the education of the local kids. The palace supports a foundation called Looms of Ladakh and future plans include building a weaving centre for local weavers. Local singers, artists and dancers are hired to entertain guests thereby ensuring community support.

No Single Use Plastic Local Community Engagement Heritage Preservation The Human Touch Safe Garbage Disposal Nature and Biological Diversity Conservation Water Conservation Sensitive Destination Discovery
With privileged access to the Stok Palace, spend some time exploring the private museum and the temple.
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Beautiful property
by Kaulmeena on 07/07/2022

The property is very beautiful. But it was hot weather and ventilation was less. Probably better in colder weather. Restaurant has very amazing food. Best Italian food. Staff is very friendly...

by NandiniHyderabad on 07/06/2021

We stayed in the villas , 2 bedroom villa . It is really well made maintained and pleasure to stay here , the staff is extremely courteous and helpful . It gives a very good feeling staying here...

Historic renovated Palace with a view over the Indus Valley
by Asiadvisor001 on 08/31/2019

It has been an amazing work of passion and dedication to renovate this 200 years old palace and adapt it to modern comfort while keeping the original soul of the place. The owner and his family live...

Nearest Airport : Leh - 20 Km

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