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Overlander India :  Our latest experience on board is  Overlander India – an off-roading experience literally through unchartered territory !

Overlander India is led by passionate motorists Ajit Rana and  Uday Bhan Singh, and focuses on rural and wilderness driving through scrub country on quality four by fours. Though the entire idea of off-roading can be customized depending upon the destination, guest interest and time, they have pre-set programs which can be easily included into a Rajasthan program that has Jodhpur in it.

Day Drive Desert Experience ( ex-jodhpur ) : A full day excursion into the wilderness of western Rajasthan takes you to visit homes and see the lives of various tribal communities.  These are villages or hamlets, completely off the beaten path where simple village folk still live in complete harmony with nature. All along the drive one can encounter wildlife like black buck, blue bull, chinkara, migratory birds like the demoiselle cranes, various species of ducks and geese and several land birds. This program can be tailored to fit into a Jodhpur to Udaipur drive so that the experience can included en-route to Udaipur without having to return to Jodhpur.

Overnight at their Campsite at Sar, Near Luni : A short drive from Jodhpur beyond Luni in the heart of scrub country, is the picturesque Overlander campsite with four safari tents. A horse shoe shaped local mountain range serves as much as a backdrop as a protective enclosure.  Stunning outdoors is complemented by very comfortable and immaculate interiors – twin camp beds and attached bathroom with everything you would need, chemical toilets, hot water in buckets and a high wash area. Dining is always outdoors under a scrubby thatch placed atop a few well-positioned trees. Days are for driving and exploring the country while nights are to sit under clear desert skies warming up by a bonfire.


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