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Kanha Tiger Reserve will always be special and is considered as one of Asia’s premier wildlife reserves. Kanha spectacular forests of Sal and Bamboo, meadows, the rivers Banjar and Tannaur,  hills cover an area of 2100  including a core area of 1,134 Kanha is considered to be one of the best places in the world to see the tigers and is also blessed with a rich bird life and a variety of wildlife making it a delight for wildlife enthusiasts.

One of the first lodges to be established in Kanha as early at 1982, Kipling Camp serves a legacy of conservation and a firm ethos of ‘treading softly’ in the forests environs of Kanha. Managed and owned by Belinda and Anne Wright, Kipling Camp is set close to the Kisli side and is the perfect access to the Kanha and Kisli zones of the national park. Kipling offer 14 double rooms in cottages under shades of trees with a lake close by. Kipling is home to Tara, the much loved elephant mascot of the camp and is loved by both grown-ups and children making Kipling the perfect place for families. The camp has over the years employed and taken in many villagers and trained them in hospitality and service. Apart from the park safaris which are a staple of most of the wildlife lodges, Kipling has varied activities which makes it an extremely diverse place to learn about the forests and also experience wildlife.

Many guests stay at Kipling for 4 nights or longer. Most days begin with an early morning drive into the park in open 4WD vehicles in search of barasingha, sambhar, chital, wild dog, leopard, tiger and other wildlife. Breakfast is always set up it the park.  Back at the camp Lunch is usually outdoors. For the afternoon drive,  guests can return to the Tiger Reserve, go bird watching, take a guided nature walk in the forests that surround the Camp, retreat to a hammock with a book, or – most popular of all – bathe Tara in the Banjar River. Evening time is to relax in the Shamiana around a campfire with drinks and dinner, the sounds of the jungle the only music while conversation flows among guests about their day in the park.  Longer stays  would allow for visits to a colourful tribal market, relaxing massages, volleyball for the energetic, a candlelit outdoor dinner, tribal dances under the stars (if there are sufficient guests) and screenings of films on Kanha’s remarkable wildlife. 

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