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Jamtara Wilderness Camp is RARE’s latest lodge in Pench. Pench National Reserve has a unique eco system -  undulating topography, varied tree expanse, dense green under cover, varied fauna including aquatic life and avian fauna that sets it apart from the popular parks of Bandhavgarh and Kanha and hence affords a high ranking on the check list of nature and wildlife lovers in India.

Located in the Northern part of the National Park well into Madhya Pradesh, the camp stands isolated from all other lodges, in the rural village of Jamtara, giving you an exclusive access to the park via Jamtara gate, just 2 minutes away from the camp. Tracing back to what the British had in mind when they set up lodges in the jungles around the country, Jamtara offers the perfect place for unwinding, relaxing and the possibility of experiencing the jungles at close proximity. 

Offering just 12 luxury tents, the camp spreads across 4 acres of unfenced land with a seasonal river running through and overlooks the buffer zone area and farmlans, setting the backdrop for a perfect jungle experience. The stylish tented lodging aims to bring in the lightness and airiness of the nature into the rooms. Decorated in colonial safari style the spacious rooms offer a warm welcome after your intensive jungle safaris and activities. Care has been taken to match the service level to your wildlife experience here and hence the local staff and naturalists have been handpicked for their knowledge, friendliness and trained to be unobtrusive yet detailed in service. The lodge features include a cozy library, an inviting pool and the gazebo allows you to dine indoors or be seated outdoors.

Highlights of the stay at Jamtara camp include a night out under the sky on their star bed – with no compromise on comfort, beds have been set on stilts and allow guests to have their fill of star gazing and look out for wildlife. Walks and cycling trails around  Jamtara Wilderness Camp are important activities if you want to explore the wilderness around.

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