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Finally here is a visionary hotelier who dares address this beautiful city, stepping over the rather presumptuous Tanjore by its rightful name - Thanjavur. With their flagship hotel Svatma due to open in good time for “navaratri”, there is a reason why this awe inspiring concept hotel is of great relevance to one of the most culturally rich regions in Tamil Nadu.

Thanjavur stands at a point of confluence of arts, music, culture and dance leading you to explore other places like Thiruvaiyaru, Srirangam, and Kumbakonam. You are in the very heart of Tamil culture, here as it was centuries ago you will discover expressions of grace and richness of life… in its temples and sabhas, in its music and lost wax sculptures, in its specific style of Bharatanatyam, its soulful Carnatic  music compositions that every proud Tamilian will wake up to every day of his life even as the aroma of filter coffee wafts around him and the fragrance of sparkling jasmines call him to prayer. Each day begins here in the wee hours waking up even as the gentle light of the morning sun lights up ‘peria kovil’ – the Brihadeeswara temple. Suprabatham and classical music nights here are as sacred as night-life is to any metro dweller.

Precisely why Svatma – The Heritage Residence will be your perfect address to expereince Thanjavur as it stands today relfecting the glories of a past that it proudly sustains. Svatma aspires to beguile you with all of the regions charms in one singular experience you will surrender to. Comprising of a central restored Heritage building, built as a family residence some hundered years ago Svatma’s 38 suites faithfully follow the architechural framework of the heritage building.  Each guest accommodation has been desgined as large private suites within family homes leading to large open verandahs, hallways and secluded nooks, shaded and lit with natural light at the same time. Dining at Aharam, Palaharam and Nila named to reflect its ambience will highlight the rich and elegant cuisine of the region. A Spa to gently lull you to relaxation, gym to help you continue with your regime should you want to, banquetting facilities, meeting rooms are some of the other facilities which will be integral to Svatma, hence inviting very one from conference organisers to leisure seeker, culture buffs to art enthusiasts. Every world traveller who wishes to touch upon an era of the past will find his soul seeking to rest in Svatma

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