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Intensely personal and engaging,  Chanoudgarh has a level of family interaction that is second to none. Welcome to one of the most prominent Jagirs of the legendary Mertia Rajputs, Chanoudgarh offers a peek into this legacy.

Just two years into its operation as a family run, heritage homestay with all of seven suites currently in operation, Chanoud Garh is placed between Jodhpur and Udaipur and offers many insights. Relive the history of the family and the region as you explore the lovingly restored sections of the palace and  acquaint yourself with the land and its people through interesting village walks and excursions. A particularly heady drive is to the expansive salt pans at sunset and relive its relevance in the area’s ecosystem. Meticulously organized suites with a high sense of detail to comfort and aesthetics, each unique in its design, make-up and distribution, Chanoudgarh definitely warrants two nights or more !

The Chanoudgarh experience is laid out for travelers with great detail and sensitivity as the family welcomes you to Chanodgarh with an endearing  sense of pride for their land and people. 

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