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Bera and Jawai seem to have made it to everyone’s weekend list now, thanks to the unprecedented publicity this region has got for a few years . The truth is that the much talked about ‘hero’ of the destination is the Indian Leopard ( Panthera pardes Linnaeus ) and most people forget the most important ‘supporting’ cast are the  Rabari villagers. The reason the now famous leopards of Bera and Jawai move unfettered and unfazed over the bald rocks of granite of Jawai  smoothened over time and carved into nooks and niches by the elements, lies in the easy harmony that exists between the Rabari people and the Leopards. And now it is absolutely essential to protect the habitat of the leopards of Jawai and their privacy and the answer is to stay with people who work towards reinforcing this tentative relationship, for it is the local community, the landscape and the leopards who have created ‘tourism opportunities’ and not the other way around as many would presumptuously believe.

In western Rajasthan’s Pali district, Jawai and Bera  surround one of the largest dams of the state sustaining the water requirements of this desert state. The Jawai Bandh forests have been afforded the status of a conservation reserve in 2013 and it is the efforts of Shatrunjay, Bera Safari lodge’s intense owner  and a few conservationists who crusaded to stop mining grants that  resulted in the protection of  the landscape of Jawai and thus the Leopards. Bera Safari Lodge’s philosophy and conservation is contained in its logo and promise of upholding the harmony of ‘leopards and shepherds’. Simplistic, comfortable and spacious cottages are spread over a ten acre estate, each of the five cottages are designed to look out to the forests and the now famous Liloda hill. The cottages are large and well-lit with picture windows stretching wall to wall to give you glimpses of  nature and the wild right from your room. Landscape around the cottages and the main dining in the centre is a work in progress, planted with indigenous trees and shrubs , eventually to be a part of the surrounding forest itself. Shatrunjay and Katyayani run Bera Safari Lodge as their personal home where guests are heartily welcomed, Katyayani overlooking the running of the Lodge with grace and pride while Shatrunjay organises all the activities that the lodge offers, in tune with the Bera’s ideal of preserving the wild and empowering the community. For Shatrunjay believes that keeping the forests safe and the Rabari community included will secure the Leopards of Jawai.

The excursions and activities from Bera Safari Lodge include Jawai Bandh Safaris for birding and wildlife, village visits and interactions with Rabari community whose origins are as interesting as their life styles, cycling excursions etc. The safaris are typically in the early morning and afternoon on Jeeps organised by the lodge, always accompanied by an experienced naturalist. Ideal for birding and photography groups as the Jawai Bandh area is rich in migratory and resident bird species, Bera Safari Lodge is located between Udaipur ( 140 kms ) and Jodhpur ( 175 kms ).

Category : Wilderness Lodge 

Brand Quote : Leopards and Shepherds 

RARE Experience : Conservation and Community among the Shepherds and Leopards of Jawai.

Room & Suites :  5 Cottages 

Dining & Cuisine :  Dining and Lounge for home cooked meals. 

Experiences : Jawai Bandh Safaris, Rural Village Excursions, Cycling

Tariff : Cottage Rs.18750/- per night on double occupancy JPAI

Tax: Inclusive



·         Accommodation in AC Cottage

·         All meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

·         Unlimited tea and coffee

·         2 Safaris per day either by Jeep / gypsy^  & 1 Activity ( Local Rabari Village tour or nature walk excursion)  Or 2 Leopard Safari Per Day am/pm

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