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Wayanad, in north Kerala stretches across the western ghats ranging between 700m to 2100m , the higher regions induce a kind of misty romanticism intensified as the sun goes down and dusk turns its head to the sun at dawn.  Picture this on a continually farmed, active plantation of tea, coffee and spices from the high grounds of a 200 acre plantation and you are in nature's idyll. Pepper Trail is Anand Jayan's labour of love and even as it continues to unfold it will be painted with broad brush strokes of his intense study and imagination. Spending hours and years amidst nature and people who live and work close to the elements has fashioned a fine sensibility in him which is uncompromisingly zen in its process and luxurious in design. Pepper Trail promises both.

A part of Manglam Carp Estate founded by Colin Auley Mackenzie, Pepper Trail is a sliver of dense land that is visually fenced in by flat paddy lands, large swathes of forests and a road ( you can't see ) leading up from Sultan Bathery. Two tree houses sturdily wound 40 ft above ground on tall jackfruit trees is surely the piece de resistance of this very private, plantation retreat. ' Pazhey Bangalav' - the beautifully restored Mackenzie's colonial home offers two suites. Soon, two beautiful pool villas will be ready within the plantation, accommodation in the tree houses, bungalows and pool villas are designed as intimate abodes to relax, play, walk, read, cycle or indulge in a spa till city life claims you or your itinerary urges you ahead. Thoughtfully plated meals serving Kerala’s delicacies with a hint of surprise caters to well-travelled palates and served in the central high pavilion looking out to a lush tree cover, happy birds endemic to region in mellifluous attendance.

Pepper Trail allows for several explorations that would interest history buffs and outdoor trippers alike. Walking up the winding walkway to the tree house, embedded with reclaimed wooden rafters is like stepping on a xylophone, only the music is around you. At night, as the mist descends you are surrounded by the chirrup of crickets, hooting of owls and trrr-trrr of many unseen birds settling in for the night, the tree house beckons - warm and enchanting.  It is something else to be living at eye level with creatures of the night, every nature lover will endorse this. And to wake up to a sight, high on the trees, head in the clouds, the mist now softly dropping as dew on leaves all around. Just as the sun warms the western skies and birds sing in unison, it is morning in Pepper Trail and you wake up to smells of fresh coffee, as sacred to a traveler as a muezzin's call for prayer.

RARE List: Plantation Retreat

RARE Experience: Interactions with Anand, Walks and Jeep drives through the plantation and staying at the Tree House

Room & Suites: 2 Suites in the The Old Bungalow and 2 Tree Houses

Features: Culinary Experience, Ayurveda Spa,

Distance: Calicut: 100 Kms; Mysore: 130 Kms; Bangalore: 250 Kms; Cochin: 280 Kms

Experiences: Plantation Walks, Cycling Tours, Boating, Fishing & Jeep safaris

Tariff: INR 11,900-17,700

Tax: a Govt. Tax of 19%.

Inclusions: Rates offered are on CP & AP basis.

Complimentary Activities:
·        Guided plantation walks and treks.
·        Escorted cycling tours of the surrounding countryside.
·        Jeep safaris in and around the plantation.
·        Boating and fishing on our private reservoir.
·        Cooking demonstrations using fresh local spices

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