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Mahakal Temple


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Unique Hindu-Buddhist Temple, Calm Peaceful Experience
by S_Venkatesh on 06/15/2018

This Mahakal Shiv Mandir is atop a hill near the city centre. It is possible to climb up steps from the bottom to the top, which could be very strenuous. One can also drive up most of the distance...

Divine and serene
by travelsome4 on 06/14/2018

Its on the hilltop near chaurastha. It appears steep, but it is definitely doable. It is believed that the lord shiva residing here protected the town and the people from the earthquake that...

Jai Mahakaal
by sandip_enigma on 06/12/2018

Good place for religious people. Beautiful and colourful. Beware of monkeys, lot of monkeys there. Requires a steep climb to reach to the temple. Can get a beautiful view of the mountains from top.