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Tiger Hill


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Waiting for Sun in Cold morning
by GAUTAMPhagwara on 12/08/2018

As early as 4.30 AM There were quite a number people from all walks of life waiting at Tiger Hill before even dawn could emerge there number had already swelled to hundreds. So it was a fantastic...

Lost for words to explain about the experience
by JiyaRethish on 12/06/2018

To reach the observatory hill is a daunting task. To wake up in the wee hours, esply if you have kids along and then the short cut through the dark path, just following the people in front of you...

Good morning
by Sudipz on 12/05/2018

So you've to be there by 0515 AM .. usually sunrise is near 6 AM ... however the earlier the go, better for you to capture a nice spot to witness this mesmerizing view.