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Singshore Bridge


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Amazing Beauty
by dnxtgn on 03/12/2019

There are many places located in and around Pelling and this is one of them, located 20-25 kms away from Pelling on the way to Uttarey. One has to cross this bridge in order to reach Uttarey and this...

Not found good
by KHEPL on 03/06/2019

well the season we did not get to see the bridge because that road takes you was landslide in between, still we cannot support ( its still like that)

A Fine Work of Engineering
by Debu78 on 02/20/2019

This bridge, built at such a height is Asia's second highest suspension bridge. But it's lacking maintenance. Vehicles are seen to ply very fast over it, the ends of the bridge are not concealed. I...