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Singshore Bridge


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Tipped as second highest bridge in Asia, we visited in Nov2018
by SiddharthaPradhan on 12/10/2018

This is steel bridge hanging by wires connected through two poles. Good view of hills and deep gorge where river water is flowing in great speed. Overall we found it as average. If you have seen it...

Singshore Bridge- the second highest bridge of Asia.
by Indranil D on 10/31/2018

It was an excellent experience to walk on the Singshore Bridge of Sikkim which is 200 meters long. Our car driver dropped us in one side of the bridge and we crossed the bridge on foot.

Beautiful road leading to the Bridge
by indrajitaikat on 10/28/2018

A must see place from Pelling . Very beuatiful surroundings - deep gorge all around. Was once one of the highest such bridge in the world. Now closed to traffic .