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Teesta River


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Teesta River
by Samir S on 07/20/2018

Majestic river flowing from Himalayas and diving 300 km long boundary between Sikkim and West Bengal of State of India. Finally it meets in Bay-of - Bengal in Bangladesh. On the way to Lachung after...

by AnjanManda on 07/13/2018

It derives the name from ’Trisrota’ means ‘possessed of Three streams’.The 309 km long river forms border between West Bengal and Sikkim.Originating from verdant Himalayas it follows us on our...

Majestic long river on Gangtok-Siliguri route
by FreeSoul_Sonali on 05/28/2018

As we had travelled during rainy season the river was gushing with strong flow. On your way to Gangtok from Siliguri on National Highway 10, the first thing you will start enjoying is the beautiful...