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Teesta River


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A Good place to try your hands on White water rafting
by guruprasadhn on 04/07/2018

Teesta river is the lifeline of Sikkim. Where you travel in Sikkim you , Teesta will literally follow you. We tried our hands on White Water rafting. It is a pricey affair though. We shelled out...

Enjoyed rafting a lot
by echowa on 04/04/2018

Beautiful river close to heart forever.All the way from Sevoke giving company.Enjoyed rafting near Melli for 4 km.for about half n hour.Lot of fun in swimming too.

Great place to spend time!
by RAJENDRA884 on 03/28/2018

One has to follow or cross Teesta river most of the time, while travelling from Bagdogra to Sikkim and the terrain and colour of the river changes but it is a treat to eyes watching this river...