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Barahi temple


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Nice temple
by Sumitkumar_13 on 05/29/2018

This is a nice temple located inside the Phewa lake. You need to take a small boat ride to reach the temple.

A nice temple in the mmidle of the lake!
by MiraAbouAjram on 05/21/2018

It is a nice temple in the midle of the Phewa lake! Yoiu will enjoy the tour in the boat, seeing this nice temple and the stunning mountains.

A Temple in the midst of a Lake
by KRAMA200 on 05/17/2018

Tal Barahi Temple is a small 2 story pagoda-style temple devoted to the deity Tal Barahi. This Hindu temple in nepal dedicated to Ajima in the boar manifestation, represation of the force of Shakti...