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Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary


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Good Place for a Wild excursion
by VinitPape on 09/19/2019

This Sanctuary shot to fame form one of its Majestic tigers named 'JAI' Or 'JAY',who roamed once in this sanctuary who went missing in 2016. It was famous for tiger sightings few years back. It still...

Enjoyable visit
by anilkulkarni49 on 05/01/2019

@ 70 km from nagpur, ???? from Nagpur, reach to? umrer, @63 km, and then to karhadhala @7 km. Book online, max 6 adults are permitted in gypsy, ?90 per person & 480? registration fees, ?1800 for gypsy...

Seriously they shall learn from Safari Parks of South Africa
by HarshaMangalmurti on 03/12/2019

This is a very small forest. one of the smallest in this region. it must be connected to many big nearby forests but not much of wild life here. Rather its so much surrounded by villages they shall...