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Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve


TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Heaven for Tiger Sighting
by ravi_chhatwani on 07/05/2019

I would higly recommend this forest in terms of tiger sighting. I had earlier visted pilibhit tiger reserve twice and did 3 safaris and tiger sighting was only once. jim corbett i visited twice and...

A must for wildlife enthusiasts
by TravelwithPooja on 06/25/2019

After numerous tiger safaris in places in India. We still couldn't see any tiger. Eventually we tried Tadoba and we saw 3 tigers in one Safari, that too Maya, the Queen of Tadoba. On our second...

Still needs improvement
by ColinC1813 on 06/15/2019

We visited June 2019, banning tourists from taking mobile phones in, is a good idea & lock boxes are present at the gate (Kolara anyway). The down side to this is now you have to pay for every camera...