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Old Goa Church

The true beauty of Goa is hidden in these Cathedrals and historical monuments that have a story to tell. A must visit for first timers. Address: Panjim, India Phone Number: +91 88066 63570

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a half-day day trip out of Panjim
by Nadine M on 11/17/2017

Velha Goa, the initial Portuguese capital, no longer has any old houses. You come here for the churches; the Basilica, the Se Cathedral and several others and for the good museum

Magnificence of the past
by sreekumar2016 on 11/17/2017

Seeing the majestic buildings (mainly churches), will enlighten the viewers about the rich culture and traditions of the past, when many Europeans were here in India

A pleasant place to wander
by Jeannie2207 on 11/17/2017

Old Goa is s group of, mainly religious, buildings some of which are now under the auspices of a national architecture preservation scheme. It’s not a huge area but one worth visiting and for...