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Heritage Transport Museum


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A great find
by Harpreet_Chd on 02/17/2019

There are monuments and museums that are well renowned, which are normally on your list of places to see. And then, once in a while, you come across something very unique, and pleasantly wonderful...

Surprise in the middle of nowhere
by atm2016 on 01/07/2019

About 40 kms. from Gurgaon is this museum tucked away off the main Delhi Jaipur Highway. I was pleasantly surprised with the size & variety of stuff that is on display. Of special attention are the...

Hidden wonder!
by LSrdel on 01/06/2019

I hadn't even heard of this amazing museum till some friends told me about it. The museum is a wonderful archive of mobility and a very informative, educational place. Clearly, a lot of thought and...