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Heritage Transport Museum


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Dazzling Display of Transport through the centuries
by Alan B on 04/14/2019

We were given a guided tour of the museum from it's earliest exhibit a Babylonian teracotta wheeled childs toy (~ 2000BCE), the evolution of the wheel, through every Indian mode of transport to the...

Fantastic experience and a Phenomenal effort by the team! Well Conceptualized
by kan_kash on 04/14/2019

The Heritage Transport Museum is a very well conceived idea. I we went to the museum yesterday with my family, and it was a wonderful experience. My parents got so many memories back when they saw...

Awesome visit.
by ION20506 on 04/13/2019

The heritage transport museum is an unbelievable collection of various modes of transport in india in earlier times. The museum is one of its kind and everything is beautifully maintained and...