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Damdama Lake


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Terrible experience
by tarunathamia on 04/12/2019

Sorry to inform you that there is no lake left there only the remains are left. Don't waste your time visiting this place.

Very Bad Experience
by Pawsharm on 03/11/2019

I went over the weekend to visit the "damdama lake" with family. When i reached there i found nothing. The lake was almost dry, there is no water/rare water. There is not a single place where we can...

Our one night stay at Gateway Resort, Damdama Lake
by RohitG1701 on 01/29/2019

We had stayed for one night at Gateway Resort, Damdama Lake in January 2019. In the evening, we went to see Damdama Lake. The small road to lake went through a dirty village and at the end there was...