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Anjuna Market, Goa

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Very bad now for food: ALFIYA
by Pat P on 11/20/2017

They made lovely vegetarian food with good feta cheese, but Saturday night, at Hilltop, we had a very bad surprise. In stead of that yummy feta they put 1 slice of that horrible plastic cheese. And...

Fun, but haggle!
by on 11/17/2017

You will usually be able to haggle off 70-80% of the price here. So keep that in mind when you go into your shopping craze :) That being said - you really can find some authentic staff here from...

Fabulous market but bargain hard
by sassytraveller233 on 11/14/2017

Plan to spend the day and stop a lot for drinks and refreshments or you'll collapse from dehydration. Totally overwhelming at first so take your time. Don't make the mistake that we did and buy a...