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Anjuna Market, Goa

TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

Bag a bargin
by sarah g on 02/18/2018

Great place to visit on a Wednesday if like us you want to savour a different shopping experience. As well as all of the varied stalls make sure you stop off at any of the coffee, drinks and foody...

A place for everything
by rishabh1020 on 02/16/2018

One can get everything here, from jewellery to clothes to show piece there are a lot of things you will find here. The price of items is however a bit high so yes bargain as much as you can. It's...

Waste and tiring absolutely rubbish.
by 05Aja on 02/13/2018

Worst place to visit as nothing special is ghere.You call it redhi market or kabari market.may be good for people who have not seen sich roafside market in every tpwn of India.One words tp descrive...