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Panjim Heritage Walk

This walk is just about the best way to experience Old Goa. There is so much to see and I am sure we did not see it all in the two hours our party of 25 took to walk the route. The Portugese architecture is quite stunning, especially the churches and the whole experience of meeting the local inhabitants is quite remakable. If you are intending to visit Goa, this is a must.


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No show
by Priya Rani F on 08/27/2017

I read about the walk in the events columns of the Herald and since there were no contact details except the meeting point, my German friends and I were there at the appointed time. No one came by...

Weekend with friends
by bharathiraviprakash on 07/17/2017

Goa in the monsoon is at its best, thankfully had a dry morning to do the walk with, Dr Lewis Dias, a gynaecologist fromGoa, a musician, a writer and most off all generations of goan heritage and...

Old Goa! peaceful among madness
by TapasyaKaulRajaram on 06/15/2017

Old Goa is peaceful place. Though the tourists make noise and spoil the peace. Still this place is close to my heart. You should be appropriately dressed to enter the churches. I would strongly...