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Mubarak Mandi Palace


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Seat of Dogra Empire!
by Blitzkrieg3 on 04/25/2018

Mubarak Mandi Palace was the seat of the erstwhile Dogra Empire. All major Dogra rulers like Ranjit Singh, Gulab Singh etc. ruled out of this very place. Mubarak Mandi Palace gives a glimpse of the...

Mantainance is not good.
by r0ck99 on 03/04/2018

We have been there last year with my family.Drogra art gallery inside is good to visit. But management who is head of this place is only to earn money from tickets.Govt is also not stress on this...

majestic complex
by sukhi504 on 12/12/2017

huge complex built about 180 years ago earlier meant for royals but now mostly govt offices , courts in a circular shape. gol ghar, sheesh mahal , museum are attractions here