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naturally Terraced Garden
by arunsharmaJalandhar on 01/08/2019

It is a good landscaped Garden which increase the beauty of Bahu Fort . It has sufficient space and great beauty. It is good resting and leisure centre at Jammu.

bagh-e-view : beautiful garden+fort
by nitiappki on 12/02/2018

BAH-E-BAHU is one of the oldest fort in jammu so is the tourist spot in jammu. it is near to the bawe mandir.It is overall a best place to visit in jammu.

Beutiful Bagh
by hirendvora on 11/28/2018

I have not seen such a wonderful garden anywhere else in India, view from top to down and down to top is amazing, Jammu city view from the garden is very nice....simply superb