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Gurdwara Pathar Sahib


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Holy place which is looked after by our India Army
by hussainsaify on 03/20/2019

The best thing about this Gurudwara is. Everything for this gurudwara is looked after by people of india Army. So no matter from which religion they belong in the army one has to offer services to...

Footsteps of Sikhism in Ladakh
by Sightsee737349 on 03/12/2019

It’s believed that a demon throwed stone at Guru Nanak Dev here and when the stone fell on him the stone acquired the shape of Guru Nanak Dev ji . Since then it’s a very holy site for Sikhs around...

mind relaxing place
by ImVishu on 02/22/2019

one of the place when you will feel really very great ,its on the way to magnetic hill,its the best place for clicking some photographs. mesmerizing view of nature is available and on that road you...