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Alchi Monastary


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Beautiful Alchi Gompa !
by njan45 on 08/08/2018

It was the apricot season and the lane leading to the monastery was literally filled with apricots and souvenir vendors. The art work in the temple is superb and well preserved. The river Indus flows...

Good to wander around
by G1naM on 08/06/2018

Nice couple of hours spent wandering around the various temples dating back to the 10th century. The monks are friendly and happy to chat to you and answer questions. Quite a drive from Leh, but...

Bala's Alchi Monastry visit
by BALASHOTELREVIEW on 07/29/2018

On our return trip from Saspol to Leh from a particular location road deviates from highway leading to Alchi Monastry. Alchi Monastry is situated on a hill and road is motorable till the entrance...