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Alchi Monastary


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Typical Buddha Monastery
by Pansuriya D on 05/29/2018

It is typical buddha monastery with lots of prayer wheel and many small stupas. a river is passing behind monastery don't forgot to see it.

If one really wants to visit a heritage site, This is it
by Manoj_Poddar on 05/19/2018

In quite and quaint location, Alchi monastery is the prfect exhibition of the art and architecture in India 1000s of years back. Kudos to the authorities managing to preserve it. Perhaps one of the...

Lovely visit.eye opening cultural heritage.
by Mriganke T on 05/17/2018

Must visit as it has some of the most under popularised art work and heritage in this monastery. Jaw dropping statues with height of 20-25ft in various chambers. Art on walls and wood is mesmerising...