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Alchi Monastary


TripAdvisor Traveler Rating

by Sally W on 03/08/2019

This is one of the most ancient gompas in the Himalayas. It is set low down, against the more usual choice of a hilltop location. Be aware that vehicles cannot approach the entrance, instead parking...

One of the most memorable experiences
by NilaGupta on 02/09/2019

This place deserves to be listed alongside Ajanta cave paintings or Ellora or the magnificent Belur temple work as one of the most intricate and beautiful examples of ancient art in India. The...

Pin it in your Ladakh itinerary
by ambleNramble on 02/08/2019

Full of history and mystery, Alchi is one place in Ladakh that need not be on every tourist's to-visit list but is a must on every traveller's to-explore list. The Alchi Monastery that dates back to...