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Thiksey Monastery


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Mighty monastery
by Vaibhav_Tailor on 12/09/2018

Thiksey monastery is the biggest monastery among all monasteries.there is the biggest statue of lord buddha. And there are two ways to enter the monastery one is to climb the mountain and went to the...

Visit in early morning
by IloveTravelK on 12/08/2018

Must visit in early morning before 7am who monks start chanting, good views in early morning, special when the sun rises up, the earth colours changing, that moment is a wonderful time, I was...

An impressive piece of Tibetan monastery, an adaptation of Potala Palace
by Fernenanda on 11/30/2018

You might have seen it from photos and documentaries and think wow this is a beauty but Thiksey Monastery is even more impressive up close. An adaptation of Potala Palace in Tibet, the complex is...