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Satpura Tiger Reserve


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This is an amazing reserve, one of the best kept secrets in India
by janhardybriarth on 05/08/2019

Not one of the most publicised Tiger Reserves and therefore you do not have hoards of jeeps surrounding any of the big cats or sloth bears. There are more leopards than a tigers in this reserve...

Beautiful park for enjoying wildlife
by Lamine L on 04/29/2019

One of best place for discovering Indian wildlife : Tigers, Leopards, Sloth bears any many birds. A must : it's one rare park where you can enjoy night safaris and sleep in the core of the park.

Beautiful National Park
by mariee505 on 04/16/2019

Lovely park to see Deer,birds,Leopard and sloth bear, they do have truely wild Tigers here but they are VERY elusive so if it's mainly Tiger you want one of India's other reserves would be better