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Panna National Park


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A complex park. Tigers know where to hide from noisy tourists!!
by diana c on 04/29/2017

There is SO much else to see in this Forest! Let the guide know that you are nor really there to see the tigers, who are resting up during the day anyway!!! and enjoy the wealth of Indian nature that...

by Alibri67 on 04/28/2017

Guides are very informative and croc spotting is fun! Learn about and see the animals native to this area. A great break from the temples and the "Grand Canyon" of India is beautiful to see

Expect the unexpected
by Arunanshu_Mondal on 04/24/2017

Our first experience in PTR and what an experience we had. Spotted a full grown leopard, three tigers - 2 cubs & one adult tigress. Also there are various species of vultures & birds around. Vulture...