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Pench Tiger Sanctuary


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Its not the place to only see,but feel it
by param247 on 12/31/2017

If your only target is to see the tiger in this place and not feel the place then you will be missing a lot here every inch of this place is worth and feel the beauty of nature Staff of pench...

Not a very good place to see Wild animals
by GolakaNath on 12/04/2017

We visited Pench through Turia Gate. We had earlier visited the forest (7-8 years ago) and entered through Turia and Karmajhiri gates. At least near Karmajhiri gate we could see good number of birds...

An excellent place for tiger watch hunt
by karanvivek on 08/21/2017

We spend a night in the forest guest house, eat food (chicken) cooked on raw fire (chulha in Hindi) and was feel of surrounded with animals. You will not ask for more... But the best part was...