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Kanha National Park


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by on 08/12/2018

I went to Kanha National Park. A delightful town situated in the district of Mandla, Kanha National park is the haven of an exceptionally wide variety of wild animals, including the majestic creature...

Amazing encounter with wild life. Unforgettable
by Pinkesh J on 07/27/2018

Kanha national reserve has several entrances. We entered from Mukki gate traveling from Jabalpur. Took a tiger safari and we were not disappointed. Got real close view of the tigers and also of the...

Paradise for the wild species
by Pushpendra K on 07/26/2018

Kanha in Madhya Pradesh (five hours driving from Jabalpur, six from Nagpur) has sometimes been called the N'Gorongoro of India. It is the largest National Park in Central India. The park has a...