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Corbett National Park


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Ten stars
by mintoodashy1980 on 06/17/2019

I must request to every visitors that please respect to the wild sanctuary and enjoy every moment while you are on the way to safari... In jungles - unexpected things happens! And its all your luck...

Sitabani zone- a waste
by sheetal2087 on 06/09/2019

This was my second time in Jim Corbett. An earlier trip in a canter in dhikala had been amazing. So this time I emailed my travel agent to book a gate. Inspite of booking in advanced, Tripsailer...

So disappointed
by billpam56 on 06/08/2019

I arrived at 5:45am for a 3 hour jeep safari . Unfortunately our “very experienced” guide proved to be very poor . Despite my request to see birds he concentrated on the plant life and insisted on...