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Nainital Lake


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The awesome Place to spend the Day
by MKBhatnagar on 04/27/2017

Nainital is a hilly area and every thing is situated on the hills only. You will hardly find plain places at this place. Naini Lake is surrounded with hills and like the centre of everything in...

Amazing day spent at the lake
by Padmini D on 04/26/2017

Between boating and eating.. we spent an entire weekend here without realising where the time went by. The pedal boats offer an amazing workout. If u r not looking to do that u can opt for the...

Pristine Lake and Surroundings
by Nidhi S on 04/26/2017

Naini Lake is like the centre of everything in Nainital. And this is what enhances the beauty of this city. A boat ride in the lake is a must but what I would really suggest to do, is to sit by its...